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[MUSIC COMMUNICATION16 F-26 Casket 新譜] The first decade collection

by Escarmew



from CIXO0001 “Yarns and dances”(2006/08)
01. Blindfolded dancer

from CIXO0002 Dusk-to-dawn tales(2006/12)
02. Balefire -Again she dances-

from CIXO0003 Casket I(2007/08)
03. Tnúth

from CIXO0004 “Ceol go deo!”(2008/05)
04. Whistler’s set
05. Reveries

from CIXO0005 “Mo cheol, mo chroí”(2008/08)
06. Tribesmen
07. Tinte ealaíne

from CIXO0006 “An réice”(2008/12)
08. A breezy trail
09. An réice
10. The Casket
11. Dance! I
12. Dance! II

from CIXO0007 “Skyward ~空へ~”(2009/05)
13. Paysage

from CIXO0008 “Moonstruck party”(2009/08)
14. Across the North channel
15. In Rathlin
16. Uisce beatha

from CIXO0009 “Gan ainm”(2009/10)
17. Drunkards’ tiny parade
18. Vow
19. U-Reels
20. Féile shamhna!

from CIXO0010 “Booted and spurred”(2010/02)
21. Finger warming
22. Bike pottering
23. Music tribe

from CIXO0011 “The story to come”(2010/05)
24. Stone street

from CIXO0012 “Casket II”(2010/08)
25. Untamed
26. Lughnasadh
27. Racenica horo

from CIXO0013 “Amárach i chuimhne”(2010/10)
28. Tap your feet
29. The closing bell set
30. Two polkas

from CIXO0015 “Acts!”(2011/05)
31. Finn
32. Erin

from CIXO0016 “Sé deag”(2011/08)
33. Whirl the wind
34. Heretic roar

from CIXO0017 “For like and grin”(2011/10)
35. Polka polka polka
36. Homeward

from CIXO0018 “Gamblers’ bullet”(2011/12)
37. Kind of a school play
38. Báisteach fuar

from CIXO0019 “Breacadh”(2012/4)
39. Countryside highway
40. Finger cramps
41. Morning coffee
42. Sakura petals

from CIXO0020 “Oíche”(2012/8)
43. To arms!
44. The decisive battle
45. 古の街ウーブリア

from CIXO0024 “Casket III”(2013/8)
46. An leoithne
47. Gallagher’s frolics / Sergeant Early’s dream
48. Kopanica Horo

from CIXO0025 “Vanilla”(2013/10)
49. Wind that shakes the barley / The banshee
50. The silver spear / The maid behind the bar
51. Julia Delaney’s / The wise maid

from CIXO0026 “Root”(2014/04)
52. The ground flatteners
53. North channel
54. Round and round
55. A reserve set

from CIXO0027 “Lively at O’Dooly’s”(2014/10)
56. O’Doorly’s’ kids
57. A lapwing and a oystercatcher
58. Look around

from CIXO0028 “Celtricks Lab. vol. 1″(2015/04)
59. Celtricks Specimen 1
60. Celtricks Specimen 2
61. Apply nitride to armour

from MACD0003 “Musicatlas P. III”(2015/10)
62. An dañs emgefreeg

from CIXO0029 “Trail the trails: trail 1″(2015/12)
63. Kilcarrowkeel market
64. Theme of cleanup
65. The red painted wall
66. Voices from outside
67. Steps of the fellows
68. For the end of the first decade

from CIXO0030 “The melodies”(2016/04)
69. Rusty blanket
70. Repose in Kofu
71. The priness of chrysanthemum

from CIXO0031 “Here – Hereafter” (2016/10)
72. Dawnings, again
73. Rig the jig
74. Entangled
75. Hereafter


DLカード形式での頒布です。/ This is a “download card” release.


2018/02/25(日) MUSIC COMMUNICATION 16
F26 Casket  頒布価格: 2000円


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