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[M3-2021秋 第一展示場 C01 Casket 新譜] Another session at O’Doorly’s

by Escarmew


  1. Another session at O’Doorly’s
01. Star of Munster (reel)
02. McGlinchey’s (reel) by Brendan McGlinchey
03. The Meelick team (jig) by Eddie Kelly
04. Whelan’s (jig)
05. Up ya boy ya (jig)
06. Bill the weaver’s (jig)
07. Tuam road (Kas a bahr) by Manon Gicquel (Trio Tarare)
08. Vent dans les voiles #1 (Hanter dro) from “Fahrenheit” by Fahrenheit
09. Polka an daou gamerad fidel #1 (polka) from “Vorlenn’s stomp” by Alambig Elektrik
10. Am monadh Ruadh (reel) by Calum Stewert
11. Miss Shepherd (reel – chromatic) by James Scott Skinner
12. Poon hill (reel) by Brian Finnegan
13. Swallow’s tail (reel)
14. The flowers of red hill (reel)
15. Rondes de nuit: Les ronds de pied #3 (Contre rond de Loudeac) by Yannig Noguet (Kejaj)
16. Inches to Dublin (reel) by Padraig Rynne
17. The glad eye (jig – chromatic) by John Doyle
18. The Ballymun regatta (slip) by Donal Lunny & Bill Whelan
19. Rogues and rascals #1 (jig) from “Ancient rite” by Eoin Duignan
20. Trip to Skye (waltz) by John Whelan
21. Bonnie and… (waltz) by Thibault Lotout (Ampouailh)

DLカード形式での頒布です。/ This is a “download card” release.


2021/10/31(日) M3-2021秋 第一展示場 C01 Casket
頒布価格: 1000円
オンライン版(DLのみ 同時リリース):700円 ※Bandcamp以外のショップにおいてもDL委託を検討中です。


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