[M3-2018秋 キ-12b Casket 新譜] Trail the trails: trail 3

by Escarmew
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アイリッシュトラッドシーン楽曲のみから構成される「Trail the trails」シリーズ

1. Broken pot again
Jolly tinker / Famous Ballymote

2. Tae Holyheed
MacArthur road / Lexy McAskill / Mackerel and tatties

3. Carrickfergus

4. A peacock of the walk
The peacock’s feather / Ger Quigley’s

5. Longfordman’s yard work
Sunday’s well / Hare’s paw / Tarbolten

6. Another glass or not
Muireann’s / Coleman’s cross

7. The South wind

8. Skipper of the Blutered Table
Mouse in the kitchen / Sally Gally / Rusty Gulley / The glass of beer


DLカード形式での頒布です。/ This is a “download card” release.


2018/10/28(日) M3-2018秋
第二展示場 二階 キ-12b Casket  頒布価格: 1000円

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