[M3-2019秋 シ-25a Casket 新譜] Trail the trails: trail 4

by Escarmew
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アイリッシュトラッドシーン楽曲のみから構成される「Trail the trails」シリーズ
01. The mist on the mountain(The mist covered mountain) / Coffee
02. Brian Holleran’s(Ceo na gCnoc) / Full moon / Conor Tully’s(Harvest moon)
03. Bell’s favourite / The jig that Joe didn’t write(Rory Gallagher’s)
04. An Seanchaí Muimhneach / Atherfield / The white mountains(Cock and the hen)
05. The red monarch butterfly(The butterfly)
06. The flowers of Spring / The blackhaired lass / Daisy bell
07. The raven’s wing / Rabbit’s burrow / Bald goose
08. Molly Bán / Morning nightcap / The Templehouse

DLカード形式での頒布です。/ This is a “download card” release.


2019/10/27(日) M3-2019秋
第二展示場 二階 シ-25a Casket  頒布価格: 1000円

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