[M3-2023春 第一展示場 E01a Casket 新譜] Trail the trails: trail 6

by Escarmew
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01. Reels #1
  Fleshmarket Close by Michael Grey
  Up to your knees in sand
  Rosie’s by Kevin Crawford
02. Slips
  Elizabeth Kelly’s delight
  The winding stairs
03. Hornpipes
  Turquoise girl by Sarah Allen
  The almost by Chris Armstrong
04. Jig and Slip
  Hold up the sky by Brian Finnegan
  Chloe’s passion by Dr. Angus MacDonald
05. Reels #2
  The Cave by Juan J. Almaraz(Stolen Notes)
  Eonach Mhic Coilín
06. Jigs
  Nina’s by Niall Vallely
  Atlantic bridge by Davy Spillane
07. 7/8s
  The gentle giant by Brian Finngegan
  Thunderhead by Gary Larsen
  Waterman’s by Michael McGoldrick
08. Reels #3
  Castle Kelly
  Drogheda bay
  Cardinal Knowledge by Kíla

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